About German Pinschers

Information from the German Pinscher Club of America website:

The German Pinscher…

is an ancient breed of great intelligence and high energy.
They are medium sized and robust with a strong prey drive.
Alert and intelligent, they are outstanding performance dogs as well as companions with an instinctive drive to protect home and family.
Because of their strong will, intelligence and independent nature, obedience training is a MUST! Red, Black and Tan, Blue and Tan and Fawn are acceptable colors.

LinDee Kennel says:

The German Pinscher predates the Doberman Pinscher as well as the Miniature Pinscher and, believe it or not, is actually a very close relative of the Standard Schnauzer.  Originally bred to be a very protective farm dog and an excellent “ratter,” skills that the breed retains to this day.  If you are looking for a loyal watch dog that wants to be by your side (night and day), this may be the one.

However, the German Pinscher is NOT the dog for every family.  The owner MUST be willing to participate in the exercise and training necessary to control this very energetic dog and is certainly NOT recommended for the first time dog owner.

If you would like to see a history of this breed from the German Pinscher Club of America click here or from Daveren’s German Pinschers click here.

Let’s Talk Ears:

Do I have to get my dogs ears cropped? Not necessarily, most (but not all) show dogs have their ears cropped.  This is a purely cosmetic surgery to create erect ears and make the dog look alert at all times.  The procedure must take place between 8 and 12 weeks of age.  Unfortunately, this is also a critical time in a puppy’s life; this is the time that socialization with people and other pets takes place.  So if the dog is going through the trauma of having their ears cropped, it may interfere with overall puppy development.   Below are some pictures of cropped and uncropped ears, you be the judge (click on picture to enlarge)

Wolfgang soaking up some summer sun (5 months old)

Wolfgang soaking up some summer sun (5 months old)

Willa - Chillin'

Willa – Chillin’

Finnigan (Red) and Gunther (Black) with Natural Ears

Finnegan (Red) and Gunther (Black) with Natural Ears

Wolfgang says: "I take being a step-father very seriously"

Wolfgang with cropped ears

"Mom said I had to wear this stupid thing on my perfect head."

“Mom said I had to wear this stupid thing on my perfect head.”  Ears must be posted anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months depending on the crop and the individual dog.

Ears must be "Posted" for several weeks after the surgery

Ears must be “Posted” for many weeks after the surgery