About Us

LinDee Kennel – Mesa, Arizona

We love our dogs; our household has never been without these four legged furry kids.  In the past, we always had dogs rescued from a shelter or a pet that a family member couldn’t keep.  After losing two of our dogs to old age, we decided it was time for another dog.

The search was on; big/little, smart/dumb, hairy/slick, loving/aloof, active/lazy we  weighed the pros and cons and conducted an extensive search for the perfect dog.  We discovered the perfect breed for us was a German Pinscher.  We liked everything we read about this healthy, feisty, active, long lived, low maintenance, people-centric breed.

We purchased our first German Pinscher, Greta, from Daveren’s German Pinschers in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Greta was actually purchased as a companion dog but after picking her up at the AKC Dog Show in Tucson and watching the process, we decided with our love for travel and dogs to give it a try.  Please take a look at our Show News Page!

The experiences we’ve had with our dearly loved rescued dogs shows that quality breeding really does matter.  The expense of purchasing a well-bred dog is minor compared to the cost of maintaining an animal where the breed is not health tested before breeding takes place.  Unfortunately, we are on a first name basis with our vet because of these genetic issues with the rescue dogs.  However, we will always keep rescue dogs along with our German Pinschers in the future because it’s just the right thing to do.